Introducing Our New On-Course Text-to-Order Service!   

As we continuously strive to enhance your experience at Cherry Hill, we are offering a new service to streamline food and beverage ordering from the HWH.  This service is offered in addition to the call box on the 9th tee and is available for service anywhere on the course on days when carts are operating.

  1. Here's How It Works:

    1. Step 1:  Open your text messaging app on your mobile phone.

    2. Step 2:  Send your order to our dedicated Halfway House number: +1 (289) 321-1202.

    3. Step 3: Include your name, location on the course, and your order details.

    4. Step 4: Our team will prepare your favorites and deliver them directly to you on the course or have it ready for you on the turn!